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  Plate characteristics after drying
  2011-12-1 11:32:32 16819
◆     Watercontent is less than 0.1% . ◆     Pbo increase rate is less than 1% . ◆    After drying plates in the inert gas oven ,the lead content is extremely high and therefore it gives..
  Tahtong TA-960
  2011-12-1 11:37:25 8772
◆  Entirely oxygen free drying so that will not be any oxidation on the plate duying duying process allowing an excellent function of engine starting . ◆ Manpower of our advanced drying operation only requires 1/5 of traditional drying opera..
  2011-12-1 11:31:41 7903
◆     Drying capacity per batch lond is approximately 3000~4000 panel plates(60 min) ◆     Simple operation : one time operation can be achieved from retrieval of plates form the forming tank to drying . ◆&..
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